May 26, 2015


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by Johnny123 on May 26, 2015 08:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Sideomorph You're a miner in a box, platforming your way across each flat surface in pursuit of tiny treasure. Use the arrow keys to move and press A to push at the edge of your box, tilting the whole 3D structure over and rearranging the level! An addictive new puzzle platforming experience. Tagged as: 3d, browser, flash, free, game, manderson, platform, puzzle, rating-g

A Fragment of Her

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by Lori.h on May 26, 2015 03:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows, Unity — A Fragment of Her Selina has taken the plunge. She's moved from her home and into a unknown city to further her art degree by studying under the famous Albert S. Seligmann. The only problem is Professor Seligmann is a pretentious jerk and Selina must give it her all to prove she is worthy of his teachings. Help Selina find the knowledge and education to better her artwork and attempt to gain Professor Seligmann's approval. But the longer Selina tries to more she begins to doubt the ability of this high and mighty Artmaster in this free indie adventure. Tagged as: adventure, browser, chronerionentertainment, demo, download, free, game, indie, mac, narrative, pixelart, pointandclick, rating-o, retro, unity, windows

New Test Level and Goon AI

From Gaming Your Way

at May 26, 2015 01:17 PM

Fuck funky headlines. So I said it.

Today's post is all about ... the new test level and new goon AI (mhm, maybe back to funky headlines?).

Let's start with an image:

The old test level with two elevators and some searchable objects (grey boxes).

While this worked well enough the random / percentage based goon AI it didn't look good on the new test level. One reason might have been the way I've dealt with entering/exiting the map. In short the goon wanders around until he reached the number of steps he should do and then takes the next exit he comes across. For the smaller test level this was OK, but with the much wider new level this revealed some problems. Due to the random nature, goons sometimes would just walk back and forth between a door and the elevator until it reached the required steps to exits again.

This made me rethink the way the goon walks around and I settled on the idea that it would (and does, comes to that) look better if the goon has a predefined path to follow. 

The new test level, also shown is the potential path I want the goon to follow and the new elements.

Of course this added some more things to think about, most obvious is that the goon needs a path to follow once an entry and an exit have been assigned.

As Unity comes with a nice built in NavMesh, I tried to get away with that...

... and as soon as that was in, it showed that this won't work "out of the box".

To make that story short: it works just fine as long as you can work with a continuous path, but the different floors and the elevators proved to require a lot more work than I was willing to put into. One of the "easy", but tedious solutions were using Off-Mesh Links, so the NavMesh Agent would know how to reach the different floors. As far as I found out (prove me wrong) there's currently no way to create Off-Mesh Links on the fly via code.
Creating those by hand in the editor would have made a brave man cry (I gave up after a few). For each elevator, one link between the left and the right side and for every floor AND every side, so for a 3 floor elevator: 15 Off-Mesh Links (if I counted right). 

Erm. No.

Time for plan B.

Plan B was easy, just create nodes for my a* graph based pathfinder. 

Well, creating nodes was easy, as I already had a lists of all doors, elevators and the other stuff. 

Connecting these is a different story (in a way that makes sense). Until now the map elements (which the goon could interact with) only stored the current "block" (needed later when blocks will be combined to build a bigger level) and I really didn't want to add a "connected to" list or a "floor".

So the (nasty) solution was to read out the coords and store these in a PointInt3D (my simplified int Vector3 version) by multiplying the position by 10 and reducing the y value to the floor (ie. 0, 1, ...). 

For instance an elevator creates X nodes (yellow dots, one for each floor): like [0,0,0], [0,1,0] and [0,2,0]. While I'm at it, I also connect these (so the floors are connected, too).
Then I looped over all floors and and created a temp list of the elements per floor, this list would then be sorted using the x value and viola ... all nodes per floor in order from left to right. Now simply connect Node[i] and Node[i + 1] and the floor is connected. As I had created the links between floor earlier, creating the complete graph (red lines) was a no-brainer.

Of course it isn't quite as easy as this, just look at the map and notice the green line marked "No! No! No!". I fixed this by .... well let's just say it is a dirty trick...

The path (blue line) is created by a simple "Pathfinder.GetPath(StartNode, EndNode)".

How the goons deal with that is for the next post, as this one is already long enough.

-- Olli

May 25, 2015

Black Closet

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by LDora on May 25, 2015 06:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Black Closet At prestigious all girls school St Claudine's, reputation is everything, and the school's, and yours, are on the line! As head of student council, you and your minions must investigate and solve all the randomly generated cases before the school's reputation is harmed, and without losing karma. The potential for close friendships or even romance with some of your allies exists as the weeks go on, but with one of them a traitor trying to bring you down, who can you trust in this intriguing blend of indie strategy and all-girl otome visual novel? Tagged as: adventure, demo, download, game, hanakogames, indie, lgbtq, linux, mac, mystery, otome, rating-o, romance, rpg, simulation, strategy, windows

Ninja Shape

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by LDora on May 25, 2015 02:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Ninja Shape What do you do when you're a lazy ninja, there are bad guys who need pummeling, and your only ability is to shift back and forth between a square and a circle? Why, you use dynamite, plungers, and more to get you where you need to be in this silly physics puzzle game! Tagged as: atyufteev, browser, bstrekalov, flash, free, game, pgalchenko, physics, playthis, puzzle, rating-g


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by LDora on May 25, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: Flash — EBI! You're trapped in a room, as usual, but with Yonashi on the case, this escape game delivers some delightfully silly surprises thanks to its goofy theme despite some potentially unintuitive design here and there. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, yonashi

May 24, 2015


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by Johnny123 on May 24, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Fathom This action platform game created for Ludum Dare and still being developed has you running and jumping your way to freedom while also bending the laws of physics to make bullets do your bidding. Move with the [WASD] keys and use the mouse to slow down time, allowing you to highlight bullets and alter their trajectories to destroy enemy turrets or solve puzzles Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, jwilliamson, ludumdare, platform, rating-g, retro

May 23, 2015

How Manufacturing Companies Can Take Advantage Of SEO

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by Ginge1980 on May 23, 2015 07:38 PM

For a lot of companies in the manufacturing sector, marketing has always been a challenge. When you make reliable, affordable products that are, for all their utility, terribly dull, it can be hard to envision a flashy, forward-thinking marketing campaign with online features having much of an impact. Manufacturers shouldn’t discount the power of modern Internet marketing techniques like SEO, though! When employed intelligently they can have an enormous effect.

How Modern Buying Decisions Are Made

The simple truth is that more and more purchasing decisions are made following a research effort that starts at It doesn’t matter whether the buyer is looking for a trimmer for his beard or 12,000 carbide saw blades; his first steps towards picking a provider will be made online. Search engine optimization is the art of ensuring that your product is easy for any buyer to find if he or she turns to the Internet.

Building An Online Reputation To Match Your Products’ Quality

Improving your online visibility isn’t about dumping money down a chute marked “SEO.” In order to gain a prominent position in your industry’s online world, you need to cultivate a reputation as a reliable and informative authority. Paid SEO can drive more people to your site, but in order to hold them there you need to satisfy their needs and desires. This means you and your employees will have to dedicate some time to sharing what you know about your industry and your products. Investing the time in publicizing your expertise pays off in a bit way!

Informing And Persuading Your Customers

Attracting potential customers is, of course, just a small part of the marketing job. With good SEO work, you can make a link to your website easy to find. With a good online reputation, you can convince them to stick around. The next step in the process is to nudge them towards doing business with you. This has to be done with a light touch in the online arena; the Internet is no place for high-pressure sales tactics. By giving potential customers genuinely helpful information and plenty of interesting, regularly-updated content you can convince them that your company is the one they want to do business with. Read more here about SEO for manufacturing.


Creating A Sales Funnel

Closing the deal and converting a lead into a customer is of course a job for your sales department. You can make them far more productive by involving them in the earlier steps of the marketing process. Listen to what they have to say about the arguments and strategies that customers find most persuasive. Make sure you ask them about the weaknesses of your company’s sales pitch, too; you may find holes that need to be plugged. Finally, invest in a little technical wizardry to blend your entire marketing and sales effort into a seamless, automated process. When the customer survey form your marketing team placed on your website picks up contact information for a new lead, that info should appear on a sales person’s screen instantly. Effective tools and collaboration translate directly into more sales!

Search engine optimization and the other core components of online marketing can be intimidating for manufacturers when they first encounter them. By studying these tools carefully and adapting them to suit your specific needs, you can build an online business-to-business marketing juggernaut. The potential is there; all that’s missing is your attention and the resources required to make the tools effective.

Earn to Die 2: Exodus

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by LDora on May 23, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Earn to Die 2: Exodus Toffee Games is back for more with a new installment in their wildly popular zombie action series! Once again, you're trying to upgrade your vehicle and drive across the country to reach evacuation... sure is a shame about all these explosions, zombies, and destructible items in your way. Tagged as: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, game, physics, rating-o, stunt, toffeegames, upgrades, zombies

Doodle God Blitz Flash Game Revisit

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 23, 2015 11:19 AM

Doodle God Blitz 2

Link: Doodle God Blitz
Developed by JoyBits
Genre: Puzzle

One of my very first reviews four years ago was a new flash game that just blew my mind. Little did I know that it would come to be one of the most popular games for mobile devices in later times and spawn multiple spin offs and clones. The game I am talking about is Doodle God. Since I reviewed the first flash version of Doodle God, the game has taken some big steps. As I mentioned it was ported to mobile devices very successfully where it has been vastly improved. Many spin offs have also occurred including Doodle Devil, Doodle Kingdoms, and Doodle Creatures.

Well today I noticed a new game was uploaded to Kongregate called Doodle God Blitz. Note that this isn't really a new Doodle God game if you've been keeping up with the series or have downloaded the mobile version. However, compared to my original review of Doodle God back in 2011 it is hugely different and I just wanted to revisit it a bit and highlight some of those changes.

Doodle God Blitz 2 walkthrough

A big change is the inclusion of a world map. The world starts out relatively blank and as you discover new vital elements such as grass and swamps and such these things are visually added to the blank world. At the end you'll have a vibrant world with all your achievements displayed. There are also added ages. I think back when I originally reviewed Doodle God there was only maybe the first three ages which spanned basics, technology and modern day. Since then a new one has been added; Magic. Also keeping things interesting, they have added quests and puzzles where you utilize your element combining knowledge to solve them. Now if you load up Doodle God Blitz you'll notice one more thing, especially if you're used to playing the mobile game. There is no energy requirement! You can play as much as you want without stopping or paying for micro-transactions. This is great news and an obvious right choice especially in the flash market. Now, I'm not really sure what brought on JoyBits uploading Doodle God Blitz to Kongregate and making it energy free...could be a marketing ploy before they release Doodle God 2 but we'll see. Either way the Doodle God series is one of my favorites and you should check it out.

May 22, 2015

How The Zadroga Fund Can Affect You

From Porter's World

by Ginge1980 on May 22, 2015 11:19 PM

When James Zadroga died as a result of complications that he suffered from as a result of being part of the rescue and recovery detail that occurred during and after 9/11, he was diagnosed with a respiratory illness, spending hundreds of hours at the twin tower site. Once he died, a fund was set up which started to pay out to the many thousands of people that were involved in this incident, the aftermath of what had occurred when the terrorists bombed these two buildings. Today, people now have another chance to reapply, or apply for the first time, to take part in the funding that is available.

What The Victim Compensation Fund Can Do For You

This is a fund that was created in order to help people that were injured as a result of September 11. When the buildings came down, a significant amount of rubble was produced, along with fine dust that also had chemicals. Once these got into the lungs of individuals, even if they were not smokers or people that suffered from asthma, it led to complications which would require medical treatment, and this is what this money is for. Likewise, if people were injured as a result of falling debris, they would also qualify for this type of compensation. The amount of money that is available is limited at just about $4 billion, and will be dispersed to each person that can qualify.

What Zadroga Can Do For You

The reason that this is important today is because the funding for that particular program was stopped, and people could no longer apply. Now people have a couple years to apply, and in the subsequent years, can receive this funding. The amount of funding that is dispersed to each person will depend upon their injuries, the medical condition that they have, or if they lost a significant other as a result of being a first responder to this incident. Since hundreds died that were part of the Police Department, fire department, and the thousands that were killed in the building itself, this money is definitely going to people who have suffered.

How The Zadroga Fund Can Affect You

Submitting Your Application

it’s actually not that hard to submit your application. This can be done on the Internet. Once it has been examined and approved, you can send this information in so that you will be able to be considered. If your request is approved, the money will be sent out in a timely manner, allowing you to get the treatment and help that you need. It will also be available for those that need compensation for losing a loved one, something that is necessary because of this disaster caused by terrorists.

The Zadroga Fund is there for anyone that is searching for a way to receive some type of compensation that will help them because of this incident that has occurred, well over a decade ago. Hopefully this will be something that is available for you, if you are the one that has suffered along with all of the others, money that you definitely deserve.

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 22, 2015 11:06 PM

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers mousebreaker

Link: Big Dig: Treasure Clickers
Developed by MouseBreaker
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

When I hear the developer name MouseBreaker I immediately think of another Sports Head game like Sports Heads: Football or Championship and for the most part those are the types of games MouseBreaker makes. Those games are incredible in their own way and I always find myself addicted to the new ones when they come out. But now I see that they developed a new game that strays far from that formula; Big Dig: Treasure Clickers.

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers upgrades

Riding off the popularity wave of incremental/click based games a la Cookie Clicker and such Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is in that same vein. I will say that Big Dig: Treasure Clickers seems a lot more interactive than most incremental upgrade games and as such I found it obviously more engaging but also more addicting. The idea behind Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is simple. You search plots of dirt in a dig site in search for treasure. Find treasure, get money, upgrade stuff to do it better. The upgrades here consist mainly of an automatic dirt searcher and hiring underlings to help as well. Of course you can then further upgrade those with individual stats as well as your own clicking power.

I suppose in the grand scheme of things and looking at the genre Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is then Big Dig: Treasure Clickers isn't all that unique. However, it is the feel and look of it all that really impresses me. Big Dig: Treasure Clickers manages to create a larger world even though it is so simple and it also makes me a lot more engaged and interested in all the different facets it has to offer. All in all Big Dig: Treasure Clickers may be the first game from MouseBreaker that may actually break my mouse.

Top 5 War Games

From Armor Games Blog

by Ferret on May 22, 2015 10:47 PM

We wanted to celebrate the weekend with some of our top 5 war games. Does your favorite make our list? If it didn’t, be sure to share it with everybody below…


5. Civilization Wars 

Civilizations Wars is a fast thinking RTS/RPG game, with deep tactic capabilities and amazing graphic in unique style. Choose one of three races and lead your people towards the legendary fallen star to find a secret force.



4. Age of War 2

A mix between a defense game and a strategy game, the goal of Age of War 2 is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s base.



3. Palisade Guardian

Defend against the incoming German Nazis in this WWII defense game with 6 exciting authentic weapons to buy including the M1A1 Thompson, M1 Browning, and Bazooka!



2. Strike Force Heroes 2

Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign for an action packed continuation of the Strike Force Heroes storyline or hop into a custom game.



1. Warfare 1917

Lead the British or German army through the trenches of Europe in this First World War strategy game. Use infantry, armor and fire support to take control of the ground or bombard your foes into submission.



Did we miss a good war game? Tell us below!


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by Ginge1980 on May 22, 2015 10:17 PM


From Jay is Games

by freezairmsilvereye on May 22, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Skights In a candy kingdom far away, three very different girls each discover a magical trinket that grants them mystical abilities. Nessie the Vanilla, Cassie the Chocolate, and Sam the Strawberry seek their destinies and true loves in this sugary-sweet episodic, free browser-based visual novel series about magic, romance, and one really, really delicious-looking sweets-themed world. Tagged as: adventure, browser, canarycharm, episodic, flash, free, game, joilly, narrative, otome, rating-y, romance, sonyax, textadventure, visualnovel

Link Dump Friday N° 372

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 22, 2015 04:00 AM

Link Dump Friday N° 372 Games featured this week: The Night Henry Allen Died; Lands of Lorez; White Stone and the Best Sandwich Ever; Atticus — This week on Link Dump Friday... a murder most foul!... or is it? Dungeon crawling done old school and in miniature! Tiny wizards with dueling magic powers in opposing shades! And one spooky but stylish escape. Tagged as: blog, browser, free, game, linkdump

May 21, 2015


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by kimberlyfelix on May 21, 2015 10:00 PM

Platform: Windows — Technobabylon In this retro style cyberpunk indie point-and-click adventure game, you are thrust into the futuristic city of Newton. Two agents of the city are looking into the case of a serial mindjacker, able to hack people's brains and leave them dead. As they investigate, they learn there's way more to the story than meets the eye. Can you unravel the mysterious conspiracies? Tagged as: adventure, cyberpunk, demo, download, game, indie, mystery, pointandclick, rating-o, retro, scifi, technocrat, wadjeteye, windows

Give Up 2

From Jay is Games

by Johnny123 on May 21, 2015 05:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Give Up 2 A deliriously funny and challenging action platform game. Use the [arrows] or [WASD] keys to run and jump through an increasingly challenging room full of bombs, lasers, spikes, and a daft robot overlord bent on watching you fail. Don't give up! Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, massivemonster, platform, rating-y, reflex, tasselfoot

Blue Karma

From Jay is Games

by Johnny123 on May 21, 2015 03:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Blue Karma This point-and-click adventure has you playing as a dour-faced special agent tasked with extracting an undesirable from the local slums. It's up to you to explore this richly detailed dystopian world, one mouse-based interaction at a time. Tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, scifi, smks

May 20, 2015


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by LDora on May 20, 2015 03:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Elements Neutral brings out the big guns by delivering an escape game that's meatier and more complex than anything they've put out in recent years. With puzzles, clues, and items galore, it's a satisfyingly challenge experience that's a lot bigger than you might think... Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, neutral, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

Weekday Escape N°76

From Jay is Games

by elle on May 20, 2015 04:00 AM

Weekday Escape N°76 Games featured this week: Lights Up; Escape from the Similar Rooms 21; Room 6: Winnie Thick — Another episode of your favorite place to unwind and escape from all your midweek, or weekend (hey, we won't judge how you use your time), boredom means three more hand-selected escape games for you to enjoy. Enjoy some light refreshment from Vitamin Hana before moving on to a starkly white series of rooms from Hottategoya. Then, when you're ready for something a little more traditional with a bit of a Tesshi-e vibe, play Ichima Cafe's newest. Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, free, game, hottategoya, ichima, pointandclick, puzzle, vitaminhana, weekday-escape

May 19, 2015

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 19, 2015 10:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle When a mansions shows up out of nowhere on Anne's front lawn one night, she can't help but investigate... and then finds herself trapped inside thanks to a curse! With 144 levels of puzzles to solve around the game's core sliding room mechanic and other tricks to master along the way, this is a lovely, whimsical, spooky-sweet indie adventure that's a welcome comfort to just about anyone. Tagged as: adventure, download, game, handmadegame, indie, linux, mac, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, steam, windows

Luke Deluxe

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 19, 2015 04:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Luke Deluxe Luke's been duped! Unless he can figure out a way out of it, he's getting married tomorrow to a murderous gold-digger and her crackpot kid in this kooky musical point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games. Tagged as: adventure, browser, carmelgames, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-o


From Jay is Games

by Lori.h on May 19, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Iridescent When your sister, Bubble, falls ill it is up to you to go seek out the only cure that is lost in a deep mine. With your trusty slingshot and mysterious glowing spectrite stones you'll have to venture into the depths to find the cure in this puzzle platformer originally made for StencylJam2015. Tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, klirazan, nicecream, obantug, platform, puzzle, rating-g, stencyl

May 18, 2015

The Enchanted Cave 2 + Quests

From Armor Games Blog

by Ferret on May 18, 2015 10:35 PM

Delve into a strange cave with an endless supply of treasure, choosing your battles to gather as much loot as possible! Find rare artifacts, gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill tree to become a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a hybrid.

Craft potions, enchant your equipment, and discover secret areas! But be careful, the cave has become quite dangerous lately with more explorers missing each day…

The Enchanted Cave 2 has 10 Quests to unlock!






Serafina's Saga

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 18, 2015 03:00 PM

Platform: Android, Mac, Windows, Linux — Serafina's Saga Serafina's spent her entire life isolated in the jungle with only her father for company, but when he's kidnapped and she sets out to rescue him, she discovers more than she ever thought possible about the world and people outside, and herself, in this pay-what-you-want (including free!) indie otome visual novel, also available for Android. Tagged as: adventure, android, download, fantasy, free, game, indie, lgbtq, linux, mac, mobile, narrative, otome, rating-o, visualnovel, windows, woodsystudio

Mighty Knight 2

From Jay is Games

by Lori.h on May 18, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Mighty Knight 2 Mighty Knight returns to fight evil and save the land in this action-packed brawler from Firebeast! Grow your band of allies, and take on the legions of the undead and maybe just uncover what on earth is causing all the ruckus. Tagged as: achievements, action, brawler, browser, firebeast, flash, free, game, rating-o, upgrades

May 17, 2015

Languinis: Match and Spell

From Jay is Games

by kimberlyfelix on May 17, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: iOS, Android — Languinis: Match and Spell When the Languinis anger their god, they pay the price by getting locked up. In this unique blend of word game and match-3 puzzle free for iOS and Android, it's up to you to rescue them by clearing the objectives on each level. Swipe to match tiles to make letters, then find words in order to move on and save the Languinis. Tagged as: android, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, match-3, microtransactions, mobile, puzzle, rating-g, tablet, tiltingpointspotlight, word

Give Up 2 Flash Game Review

From FlashMush

by (Robbie Clark) on May 17, 2015 11:00 AM

Give Up 2 logo

Link: Give Up 2
Developed by Tasselfoot
Art by Massive Monster
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Want to play a game and become incredibly frustrated? Or try one that is so hard but keep pushing yourself to eventually win? Then you need to check out Give Up 2. I reviewed the original Give Up a while ago and I liked the concept a lot. Sort of has a Portal feel to it I guess. Now the second is upon us with even more frustration and snarky computer voices.

Give Up 2 walkthrough

If you didn't play the original I'll give a quick rundown on how the Give Up series plays out. Basically it is a fairly typical platformer first. You go from point A to B without dying to spikes, missiles, etc. Each level however adds upon the same basic level. So each floor will add a new obstacle. Either a new wall to jump over, more spikes, a laser beam, etc. From there the premise is not to "give up" in frustration all the while the computer is being snarky and telling you to give up. That is all that Give Up and Give Up 2 really is. However, it is a fun quick concept of a flash game to play and this time around the levels seemed more inventive with better graphics. Basically if you like platformers of any kind give Give Up 2 a try.

May 16, 2015

Knights of Pen & Paper 2

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 16, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: iOS, Android — Knights of Pen & Paper 2 KYY Games picks up the developer mantle this time for the sequel to the beloved tabletop parody RPG for iOS and Android. Create characters and then lead them on an adventure with Dungeon Master at the ready as you deal with the Paper Knight, whose disgust with your preferred edition of game has lead him to become your greatest villain! The sequel remains faithful to the original with trying on a few new concepts to flesh out the addictive gameplay. Tagged as: adventure, android, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, kyygames, microtransactions, mobile, paradoxinteractive, parody, rpg, strategy, tablet, turnbased

Epic Boss Fighter 2 Flash Game Review

From FlashMush

by (Robbie Clark) on May 16, 2015 11:00 AM

Epic Boss Fighter 2 logo

Link: Epic Boss Fighter 2
Developed by Entertainment Forge
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Shooter/Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

A long time ago I reviewed a game called Epic Boss Fighter. At the time I did really enjoy it but wasn't overly impressed (I mean I still gave it an 8/10) due to it being very similar to another recent flash game at the time. However, now the sequel is out, Epic Boss Fighter 2, and it made me realize how well done it really was and how much improved this new sequel is.

If you don't know the premise of the Epic Boss Fighter series or didn't read my review on the first basically it is a boss rush type flash game. There are 10 or however many unique huge bosses and you battle them one at a time in a top down shooter fashion. Beat all of them and you win. Of course each boss gets harder and harder which is where a fairly extensive upgrade system comes into play. Essentially you fail a lot in order to get money to purchase upgrades to eventually win.

Epic Boss Fighter 2 boss list

With that being said Epic Boss Fighter 2 takes the formula up a notch. The upgrade system is vastly improved with tons more upgrades, more choices, consumables, etc. In addition I thought the bosses this go around are a lot cooler and more unique which they already were pretty awesome in the original. For instance you have a fight where you need to shoot the boss' minions in order to create an explosion to down the main boss' shield, a spider boss that eats flies to heal unless you shoot them first, a boss battle where you can rescue people who then become your allies, etc. As you can see Entertainment Forge really made the battles unique and fun to play this time around. All in all, Epic Boss Fighter 2 is one epic game.

May 15, 2015

Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes

From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 15, 2015 05:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows — Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes Your former magic students Lucia and Roberto were to be married tomorrow, until Roberto went missing and Lucia was accused of murder. She's going to be executed at midnight, and if that weren't stressful enough, the Fates themselves tell you only you can help recover an unimaginably powerful magical artifact stolen from them in this stunning hidden-object adventure. Tagged as: adventure, affiliate, bigfishgames, casual, collectorsedition, download, ersgstudios, game, hiddenobject, horror, mac, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-r, windows


From Jay is Games

by LDora on May 15, 2015 02:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Theropods A peaceful night around the campfire is disturbed by a pair of vicious dinosaurs, and when her friend runs off, it's up to one cavewoman to rescue him in this short but gorgeous point-and-click adventure made in two weeks. Tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-r, retro, seethingswarm, tinystuffz, valerofond, zstriefel

Find the Escape-Men Part 151: Driver's License Office

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by LDora on May 15, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — Find the Escape-Men Part 151: Driver's License Office It's time to renew your driver's license, but when you arrive at the office, you're locked in! Fill out the paperwork and then find a way to escape in this quirky game from no1game... and find the ten little green men too, of course! Tagged as: browser, escape, free, game, html5, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 15, 2015 11:00 AM

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest hacked

After the first 2 installments of this classic, we over at Hacked Arcade Games are very excited to have the chance to review and present Sentry Knight 3: Conquest. This series started off strong with the original Sentry Knight then improved game play to release Sentry Knight 2. Now the overall game has been given a huge redesign and awesome new format. Things have evolved and you’re now a highly-skilled ancient marksman with a powerful rifle, and you must head out to explore your lands in search of a faceless evil trying to mount an invasion.

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest hacked walkthrough

Just as the format of the game has evolved so has the story line and you’re now able to follow your Marksman character from being handed a mysterious map by the High Council, all the way to the journey’s end, where you stop the nasty faceless villain from invading your country! Take on each of the quests and battle your way through hordes of bad guys in the many levels. The format is totally different from the previous two, as you now walk freely around levels, armed to the teeth, fighting waves of enemies that come from every angle. The bad guys come in many forms – from armed skeletons to worms that pop up and shoot you from beneath the ground!

All things considered, this is an enjoyable game with slick graphics and responsive controls. Developed by Armor Games it looks and feels good; this coupled with an interesting storyline and great visuals makes for an action-packed gaming experience and one we recommend you try - after all, how often do you get to roam the ancient countryside with an awesome rifle! Play more games developed by Armor Games either at HAG or on Armor Games.

Link Dump Friday N° 371

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by LDora on May 15, 2015 04:00 AM

Link Dump Friday N° 371 Games featured this week: Bonsai Worlds; Glitch Dungeon; Lord of the Aisle; A Tough Sell — This week on Link Dump Friday! Create your own little world of zen-like beauty and then watch humans ruin it. Convince a princess that a poisoned apple is in her best interest. Use glitches and spells to escape from a labyrinth. And defend the aisle at the local supermarket from trespassers... NO MATTER WHAT. Tagged as: andyman, blog, browser, ellagostera, free, game, lablablab, linkdump

May 14, 2015

The Roof

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Platform: Flash — The Roof In this cute point-and-click puzzle game from MayMay, you need to fix your roof... too bad getting up there is going to require a whole lot of code breaking and puzzling solving! Be sure to take a picture of it once you're done! Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, maymay, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

The Power of Love Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 14, 2015 11:00 AM

the power of love logo

Link: The Power of Love
Developed by Dennatolich
Sponsored by MyPlayYard
Genre: Action/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6.5/10

The power of love is certainly a strong thing; it can take bring people together huge distances, build lasting relationships and even destroy castles... At least that is what the flash game, The Power of Love teaches me. Yep, in The Power of Love you are a lowly knight trying to win over the King's daughter. You do this by literally smashing his castle by hand till you get your way.

the power of love upgrades

The premise is silly which works with the silly graphics and theme which I adore. I mean you start out banging on the castle walls with your guitar riding a toy pony. Of course you can later upgrade to more knightly and manly items to help in your quest of love. To do this you spend the money that gets thrown out of the castle as you bang on the walls. That is really the whole premise to The Power of Love; Bang on walls, get money, upgrade, bang some more. Admittedly it is a quick game that really isn't meant to be taken too seriously. I could get behind this if the actual game mechanics were fun and less of a chore. There is a lot and I mean a lot of mindless walking back and forth from the castle back to collect money and then more walking to walk to the store to spend your cash. You can increase your speed eventually but still it is too much slow painful walking for my tastes. Overall though The Power of Love is a silly simple game but one that might be too painful to actually enjoy.

May 13, 2015

Vegas Takes Tips from Mobile Gaming for Millennial Market

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 13, 2015 06:00 PM

Vegas is coming back into vogue for young people as more and more millennials are making the city a top vacation destination. The only trick now is learning how to get them to play once they arrive. Although tourism is going up and skewing younger, the number of those newcomers that are playing at the casinos during their stay has declined. Now, casino owners are looking to appeal to the younger generation with a new strategy that takes its cues from the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile market and casual gaming.

Las Vegas Sunreports that Senate Bill 9, which would allow video-game style gambling, was unanimously approved by an Assembly Judiciary Committee on May 8, 2015. This ruling is a major step in the loosening of restrictions on electronic gaming in Nevada and could signify the beginning of a new era of casino gaming.

Slot machines, once a marquee moneymaker of the casino, are still big business but it's become clear that younger audiences want more from their gaming experience. Millennials tend to embrace the social aspect of mobile gaming along and prefer skill-based games to games of chance. This has seen the appeal of random slot machines diminish as they're hardly portable and reduce social interaction for players. "Slot machines are really, really, really great entertainment experiences for a different demographic: Older people," David Chang, chief marketing officer for Gamblit (a gaming company geared toward the millennial generation), told
CBS News.

Subsequently, casinos and gaming companies are looking to mobile gaming as a way to appeal to a new market that is still searching for the right kind of experience on the casino floor.

In recent years, the famed Riveria has attempted to make some headway into the millennial market. According to
this page, they did so by providing themed machines incorporating such franchises as "The Lord of the Rings," "The Hangover," and "Sex and the City" but it has become clear from the continuing decline of patrons and the shuttering of the once legendary casino that gamers need more than a new coat of paint to pique their interest.

Getting through to the new generation is key for the future of Vegas and an exciting time for the gaming industry with new technology and strategies changing the game for the casino. It was 
reported in 2014that gaming technology giant Bally Technologies (the world's oldest slot-machine manufacturer) was planning to purchase Dragonplay (an Israeli developer of mobile slots, card games, bingo and more) for up to $100 million.

But the incorporation of skill into games of chance has some in Vegas worried that it nay bring more sharks to the water. A reliance on skill means that certain players will have an advantage of being able to practice and therefore improve their odds of winning—and ultimately increasing their chance of beating the house. However, local gaming enthusiast and bar owner Chris LaPorte told the
Las Vegas Sunearlier this year that there was a way "for the casino to be happy, just as much as the customer is happy with their experience."

With mobile gaming becoming a multi-billion dollar industry and its audiences flocking in droves to Las Vegas, it's only a matter of connecting the dots for casinos looking to cash in on the new craze. All eyes are now on the legislature as the bill moves to the assembly floor for a final vote next week.


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by LDora on May 13, 2015 04:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows — Royals Asher Vollmer delivers a surprisingly addictive indie game of strategy, simulation, and even survival as you play a lowly serf with dreams of becoming royalty. Spend your years traveling, converting, exploring, and building the land, but watch your health, and don't run afoul of the local king or queen, who might not appreciate your dreams and actions. Tagged as: adventure, avollmer, download, free, game, indie, mac, paywhatyouwant, rating-g, retro, rpg, simulation, strategy, turnbased, windows


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by LDora on May 13, 2015 02:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Coldgrip Alone at the end of the world... or are you? How long can your survival in this clunky but surreal horror simulation, when food and water are in limited supplies and the shadows and snow work against you? Tagged as: action, adventure, browser, flash, free, game, horror, iconicgames, placeable, playthis, rating-o, simulation, surreal

SARCO: Episode 1

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by LDora on May 13, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — SARCO: Episode 1 Short and sweet despite some rough edges, this adventure made by CosmicGhost for StencylJam2015 has you stranded on an alien planet where you can't speak to the locals and you don't understand their customs. Tagged as: adventure, browser, cosmicghost, flash, free, game, playthis, rating-y, scifi, stencyl

Time Clickers Online Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 13, 2015 11:00 AM

time clickers logo

Link: Time Clickers
Developed by Proton Studio
Genre: Action/Idle/Unity
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

If you look at the recent most popular games on sites like Kongregate and such you'll see a clear and surprising trend. This is that idle upgrade games are king currently. I guess it started really with Cookie Clicker (there were idle games before but Cookie Clicker really made it viral). Now there are so many idle games it is impossible to check them all out...and honestly who would want to. They are fun and addicting but very few branch out and the only difference between most is the graphical theme.

time clickers unity

However, Time Clickers by Proton Studio stood out to me. You are basically surrounded by 3D cubes that you click to shoot at. Shoot them enough and they blow up and give you cash to spend on upgrades. Of course this is an "idle" game so you can buy guns that shoot the cubes for you. In terms of the upgrade tree of Time Clickers I would say it is still fairly generic. I guess what stood out to me is the graphics (Time Clickers is developed in Unity giving it a nice 3D feel) as well as the fun that comes with physically clicking and shooting the cubes. However, that part goes away real quick as the automatic guns you can buy shoot the cubes much better/faster than you can so you are stuck just moving your mouse around frantically to collect the cash. Overall I like the idea behind Time Clickers and like that it is slightly different but it still falls into the pile of hundreds of others that all feel the same.

Weekday Escape N°75

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Weekday Escape N°75 Games featured this week: Chicks Hide and Seek Escape 22; Escape the Island; Button Escape 32 — When you need a mid-week pick-me-up, Weekday Escape is here to set you right and make the sun shine a little brighter! This week, find Yuuri's adorable chicks in an even adorable-er (it's a word) park, escape from Vitamin Hana's tropical island, and find more buttons with Tototo Room! Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, free, game, tototoroom, vitaminhana, weekday-escape, yuuri

Chroma Squad

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by LDora on May 13, 2015 12:00 AM

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Chroma Squad In this love letter to classic sentai shows of yesteryear, you control a group of actors who are sick of making boring television and decide to start their own studio. You'll create your cast, shoot episodes, upgrade your equipment and more in this indie strategy RPG that's a cheeky parody in all the right ways. Tagged as: beholdstudios, download, game, indie, linux, mac, parody, rating-y, rpg, strategy, turnbased, windows

May 12, 2015

GemCraft: Chasing Shadows (Steam Edition)

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by LDora on May 12, 2015 08:00 PM

Platform: Windows — GemCraft: Chasing Shadows (Steam Edition) GemCraft comes to Steam in this updated release of the original free browser game in the wildly popular tower defense series from Game in a Bottle. With a new game mode, nearly thirty new levels, and enhanced graphics, there's no better time to find out why this series is so beloved, or to support the developers who have made it for nearly a decade. Tagged as: armorgames, defense, download, game, gameinabottle, gemcraft, indie, rating-o, steam, strategy, towerdefense, windows

Alyssa's Quest

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by LDora on May 12, 2015 06:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Alyssa's Quest Elven heroine Alyssa might not have as amazing a name as her nemesis, Doctor Secret Nightowl, but she's still going to find a way to save the day when the king is frozen solid in this point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games. Tagged as: adventure, browser, carmelgames, fantasy, flash, free, game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y

Bored Guard

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by LDora on May 12, 2015 02:00 PM

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — Bored Guard The princess has gone missing, and since you were supposed to be watching her, you're sort of sweating bullets! Search the manor and solve puzzles in this cute escape game from no1game. Tagged as: browser, escape, free, game, html5, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g

Tequila Zombies 3 Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 12, 2015 11:00 AM

Tequila Zombies 3 armorgames

Link: Tequila Zombies 3
Developed by IriySoft
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Shooter/Zombies
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 10/10

One of my all time favorite flash games has got to be the Tequila Zombies series and now I am super excited as I am reviewing Tequila Zombies 3 now! It really seems the series keeps getting better and better as the new ones come out. What started out as a pretty good upgrade wave shooter has turned into much more of a whole ordeal with a story, bosses, more upgrades and more. Really can't wait to see if the series continues and how much more it'll change.
Tequila Zombies 3 final boss

So, I already said a big change that Tequila Zombies 3 brings to the table...more of a story line. The others have had a mild story but three brings it to a new level. In addition there is a new character added alongside the other two. All in all I feel the story and all is more reminiscent to the Cactus McCoy series by FlipLine Studios which is a great compliment as that is another one of my favorite games. But do not fret as the action craziness that you have come to know and love with Tequila Zombies is not gone with Tequila Zombies 3. In fact it gets more crazy with new/different weapons, special powers, boss battles, etc. There isn't much more to say than Tequila Zombies 3 brings what you know and turns it up to an eleven. Excellent game!

May 11, 2015

Test Chamber

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by LDora on May 11, 2015 06:00 PM

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows — Test Chamber Wrap your mind around this appealingly sleek and deceptively simple indie game, also with a free demo for iOS and Android, where the whole level wraps around you. Walk into the bottom and pop out on top, and push blocks through force-fields and around obstacles to reach the exit. Tagged as: android, download, game, indie, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, itchio, mobile, puzzle, rating-g, sharkjumpstudios, windows

Sushi Catapult Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 11, 2015 05:00 PM

sushi catapult armor games

Link: Sushi Catapult
Developed by Jay Armstrong
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Upgrades/Launcher
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

It was only a matter of time before the widely successful and cute flash game series, Sushi Cat branched out even more. So now we have Sushi Catapult which is, you guessed it, a launcher type game based on the Sushi Cat theme.

sushi catapult story

First things first I'll get the things I liked about Sushi Catapult out of the way. The art by Jimp is as always excellent and is really what makes the Sushi Cat brand Sushi Cat. I also like the tie in of the staple Sushi Cat dynamics such as the sushi stomach bar that in this game charges your bounce boost. Sushi Catapult also does the basic launcher/upgrade dynamics well...not the best or most extensive but pretty good. With that being said I guess I was just underwhelmed as a whole by Sushi Catapult and expected a more more expansive game. I also wasn't too big on the level based launcher style. Most launcher games have you on essentially one track and you keep going further and further using your upgrades. Here you launch for a little bit then complete the level and do a new one. I appreciate the attempt at deviation but don't think it worked all that well. Overall though Sushi Catapult is still a well polished game and if you like upgrade/launcher flash games then might as well beat this one too.

Crayon Poke

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by LDora on May 11, 2015 03:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Crayon Poke Crayons are good for more than just doodling in this adorable but short platformer. Once you pick some up, they can be thrown to create steps to help you scale walls. Just watch out for charging pigs and other dangers! Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, platform, playthis, potatotan, puzzle, raiyumi, rating-g

Down is Up

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by Lori.h on May 11, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Down is Up Down is Up, except when down is down of course. And left can be right, but only when it's not left. Confused? Don't be. Things are rather simple in this gravity puzzle platformer where the levels wrap around you in unexpected ways. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, gravity, inversion, platform, puzzle, rating-g, stencyl

Tap Heroes Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 11, 2015 11:00 AM

Tap Heroes logo

Link: Tap Heroes
Developed by Varagtp
Sponsored by Dojo
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6.5/10

Tap Heroes continues the trend in flash gaming of mindless clicking to accomplish a myriad of goals. Now, don't get me wrong as I do like the general idea of these games...or did at least before they were overdone to death.

Tap Heroes boss battles

With that being said I will say Tap Heroes does do it well but it still gets a slightly lower score that usual because of the over saturated genre and that it doesn't really add any new mechanics. Tap Heroes does however look amazing and kind of has a Paper Mario feel to it all. Gameplay, the same. You have a character that auto attacks various enemies but you can also click that enemy to attack it (or click your character to heal it). Defeating enemies gets you money which upgrades all the typical things and beating enough enemies unlocks a new area that has tougher enemies and boss battles. I've played games like this countless times and while they are fun for a while at this point I just really can't get into them too much unless there are new game changing dynamics added of which Tap Heroes offers none. Great for mindless clicking but nothing more.

May 10, 2015

Kill the Plumber Flash Game Review

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by (Robbie Clark) on May 10, 2015 08:23 PM

kill the plumber logo

Link: Kill the Plumber
Developed by Keybol
Sponsored by Dojo
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

As you can tell by the title of Kill the Plumber, it is a reverse take on a famous platforming game...Mario! This fits right into Keybol's psuedo-pretentious games a la The Pretentious Game Series and How to Make a Sequel. If you haven't guessed it yet, in Kill the Plumber you play as the bad guys trying to kill the "hero". Now I do find it weird and slightly wrong that this game is using Mario centric themes very heavily but I guess it is the most recognizable puzzle platformer.

kill the plumber level help

Anyways, Kill the Plumber is quite a fun game idea at first. You play as the bad guys so you start out playing generic walking baddies akin to Goombas. The goal is to run yourself into the hero to kill it or do other inventive ways to kill the Mario clone. Of course the Mario clone is doing his best to beat the level and either kill you or avoid you so you do have to a little bit of thinking to position yourself well. As the levels move on you then control better baddies and levels get more and more puzzling if you will. While I think Kill the Plumber is a fun little puzzle platformer to play it isn't all that unique to be honest. I've played games like this before just not with the in your face anti Mario graphics and theme. Otherwise, though, Kill the Plumber is nice. Well polished, great graphics and sound and a good selection of levels to keep you busy.

Mu Complex: Episode 2

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by LDora on May 10, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Mu Complex: Episode 2 Cameras, computers, e-mails, and passwords await in the belly of the Mu Complex, and in this continuation to the wildly popular hacking simulation/puzzle game, you'll need to use your wits to make it through each challenge in a game that challenges you to think outside the box and offers little hand-holding. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, hackingsim, narrative, playthis, puzzle, rating-y, simulation, studiocime, text


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by LDora on May 10, 2015 11:00 AM

Platform: iOS — EvoCreo Ilmfinity delivers a rough-around-the-edges but still ridiculously entertaining Pokemon-alike RPG adventure that offers a massive amount of gameplay for a puny price for iOS. In a world where Evokers can tame and train powerful creatures known as Creo, you set out to find your missing father and discover the truth behind a shadowy organization that's pushing for genetic modification. Tagged as: adventure, game, ilmfinity, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, pokemon, rating-g, rpg

May 09, 2015


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by Johnny123 on May 09, 2015 01:00 PM

Platform: iOS, Android, Flash — BALANZZE Simple, modern, addictive. These are the adjectives this physics-puzzle game uses to describe itself. Click the blocks to make them move, fall, or disappear, so you can guide the green circles and squares onto the blue blocks. An infectiously fun time waster. Tagged as: android, browser, flash, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, minimalist, mobile, physics, puzzle, rating-g, synthekdesign

May 08, 2015

Link Dump Friday N° 370

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by LDora on May 08, 2015 04:00 PM

Link Dump Friday N° 370 Games featured this week: The Writer Will Do Something; The Secret of Gargoyle Manor; Brave Magician Ipomoea; Scissors Bros — Late? Link Dump Friday isn't late, YOU'RE LATE! And now that you've accepted responsibility, on to the games! Live the exciting and emotionally fulfilling life of a video game writer, go on the hunt for a missing hat, and more! Tagged as: blog, browser, free, game, linkdump

Find the Escape-Men Part 150: Astral Projection

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by LDora on May 08, 2015 12:00 PM

Platform: Javascript/HTML5 — Find the Escape-Men Part 150: Astral Projection It's a night like any other... except when you wake up, you're outside your own body! Escape from this bizarre predicament by solving puzzles and tracking down no1game's ten little green men, as you would with any psychic crisis. Tagged as: browser, escape, free, game, html5, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g