October 22, 2014


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 22, 2014 03:15 PM

Platform: Flash — Salvadoor There's an awful lot of pink in this soothing escape by TomaTea, and with puzzles aplenty and clues to crack their codes hidden around the room, finding your way out will take an eye for detail and an appreciation for the arts. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, linux, mac, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, tomatea, windows

Tiny King

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by LDora on October 22, 2014 01:15 PM

Platform: Flash — Tiny King Tiny King was enjoying a nap, and when he woke up, his cake was gone! Travel through a series of clever and strange point-and-click puzzle levels, hunting for keys to open doors, in this super cute, and super weird, little game. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, pegasgames, physics, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows

Weekday Escape N°46

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 22, 2014 04:00 AM

Platform: Flash — Weekday Escape N°46 Games featured this week: Bonneville; Yellow Walls Escape; Escape from the Japanese Style Hotel — Neatescape, Yomino Kagura, and no1game walk into your browser... there's no punchline, it's just another installment of Weekday Escape! This week, you've got two rooms with a view and a whole pack of puzzles ready to be picked (or clicked) apart. Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, flash, free, game, neatescape, no1game, pointandclick, puzzle, weekday-escape, yominokagura

October 21, 2014

A Day at the Library

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 21, 2014 06:49 PM

Platform: Flash — A Day at the Library Crazy Dad's just started work at the local library, but all the kids there annoy him, which their mobile phones and their tabloids. Find out ways to drive them all out in this short and silly point-and-click puzzle adventure! Tagged as: adventure, browser, carmelgames, flash, free, game, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows

FGL 3rd Quarter Developer Earnings Update

From FlashGameLicense Blog

by Chris on October 21, 2014 04:32 PM

FGL 3rd Quarter Developer Earnings

Q3 of 2014 was a good quarter for developers and publishers working with FGL.   A few notable things that happened: FGL surpassed $20,000,000 paid out to developers, we helped multiple native apps reach various “top 10″ positions on Google Play (and earn significant revenue gains),   and we continued to help HTML5 developers distribute and monetize their games (through our distribution platform as well as our new HTML5 Game Shop).

I’ll break down the earnings graph below.

Native Mobile: As you can see, revenue from native mobile games lead the way in growth in the 3rd quarter.  Most of our success on native mobile is explained in our blog post, linked above (and here for convenience). What is a little misleading is the jump, and then fall, in revenue from the 1st quarter.  Some of the earnings in the 1st quarter came from a few large one-off licensing deals we secured for developers.  A chart below shows the revenue growth of our Mobile Platform (in gross revenue earned) with the one-off deals taken out.

FGL Mobile Platform q3

This graph makes it easier to see the growth of the Mobile Platform in terms of recurring revenue.  This includes money from ads, in-app purchases, and premium app purchases.  It does not include licenses or “bulk deals” that we bring to developers from time-to-time.  This means that native mobile games that are going through us are doing better than ever in mobile marketplaces.  Our distribution, cross promotion, and ad systems are helping make games make more money.  The fact that we also help bring licensing deals to games is the icing on the cake.  At least for native mobile games.

HTML5: Where licensing is the icing on the cake for native mobile, it’s the actual cake for HTML5.  Licensing through our traditional bidding area, Game Shop, and new HTML5 Game Shop tops the earnings for developers pushing their HTML5 games through us.   However, at the end of the 3rd quarter – and now early into the 4th quarter – we’re seeing a lot of growth in ad revenue and distribution of our HTML5 games.  We’ve had several featured promotions through Amazon, and have partnerships with other marketplaces and distributors in the works.  This is an area that will likely jump in Q4.

Web: Though we’ve lumped all web technologies into the “Web” bucket, there are two main technologies that make up the earnings here.  One is Unity, which we’ve seen an uptick in exclusive and primary deals in our bidding area.  In fact, we’ve seen larger Unity deals over the last 3 months than we’ve seen in years at FGL.  The other technology is, of course, Flash.  Flash for web is a very volatile market right now.  However, we’re still seeing very high cpms on the web, and think the Flash market is due for at least a small bounce back.  In fact, one revenue source we have NOT added to our charts is Flash Ads.  This is something we’ll change in the future as we’re seeing significant gains for developers using our FGL Ads for in-game Flash ads.  With over $1,000,000 paid out to Flash developers already this year, one thing is for sure: the best place to make money with a Flash game is still FGL.

Gift Rush 3

From Jay is Games

by Johnny123 on October 21, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Gift Rush 3 Your cute-as-a-button spider guy is looking to feed his hungry kids some cake. Swing through each level, grabbing your kids and drop them in the general vicinity of their favorite birthday treat. Be sure not to eat it yourself! Tagged as: afedoseev, browser, flash, free, game, giftrush, linux, mac, physics, puzzle, rating-g, windows

October 20, 2014

Exit Fate

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 20, 2014 02:00 PM

Platform: Windows — Exit Fate In this free indie RPG heavily inspired by the likes of Suikoden and other classics of the genre, Daniel is a man betrayed by his country and trapped behind enemy lines who suddenly finds himself in a unique position to help end the fighting. Recruit 75 party members for your castle, take part in huge battles, and enjoy hours and hours and HOURS of play time in this massive game. Tagged as: adventure, download, free, game, indie, rating-o, rpg, scfworks, strategy, turnbased, windows

October 19, 2014

The Silent Age: Episode Two

From Jay is Games

by kimberlyfelix on October 19, 2014 06:00 PM

Platform: iOS, Android — The Silent Age: Episode Two Joe is back to finish up what was started in the second episode of this fantastic point-and- click adventure. With the fate of humanity on his shoulders, Joe needs you to help him travel through time to find answers on how to prevent the human race from going extinct. Tagged as: adventure, android, game, houseonfire, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, kindle, mobile, pointandclick, rating-y, tablet

The Rogue Puzzle Game

From Jay is Games

by Satori on October 19, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — The Rogue Puzzle Game Clear your way through the dungeon in this unique Sokoban-like puzzle game by carefully selecting which swords to shove into which monsters to vanquish them all. The Rogue Puzzle Game was picked as one of only three finalists in the Game Nomad competition and is set to be presented at Gamer's Day, Arabia's largest gaming event. Tagged as: amidos, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, puzzle, rating-g, sokoban, turnbased, windows

October 18, 2014

Sentry Knight 2

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 18, 2014 05:30 PM

Platform: Flash — Sentry Knight 2 Sentry Knight is back and more colourful than ever in this sequel that brings more of the same addictive defensive shooting fans have come to crave. Stay in your tower and take aim against an onslaught of baddies, upgrading spells and abilities, as you bow-and-arrow your way across the kingdom. Tagged as: action, browser, defense, dloot, flash, free, game, jcoates, jwolfgames, kangeloni, linux, mac, microtransactions, rating-o, shooter, tmyers, windows

Alice House No. 6: A Mad Tea-Party

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 18, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Alice House No. 6: A Mad Tea-Party Funkyland's latest Alice in Wonderland themed escape gets a little festive this time around. With five Mad Hatter items hidden around a party filled with clues and puzzles, you'll need to use your wits to escape, even if it doesn't take that long! Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, funkyland, game, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows

Spoopy Saturday N°2

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 18, 2014 04:00 AM

Spoopy Saturday N°2 Games featured this week: One Late Night; Paranoiac; 7Days — On this installment of Spoopy Saturday, we post three more freaky and free indie horror games to celebrate this most SPOOPY of months. This week, you get more than you bargained for on the late shift, a girl has nowhere to hide in the house she inherited, and you can't escape the house you find yourself trapped in until you figure out what you're supposed to remember... Tagged as: blackcurtainstudio, blog, download, free, game, horror, indie, revolab, spoopysaturday, uri, vgperson

October 17, 2014

Caribbean Admiral 2 Beta

From Armor Games Blog

by Ferret on October 17, 2014 10:47 PM

Another Beta Friday is upon us, we have launched “Caribbean Admiral 2″ early as a Beta for AFG+ Members. Have you missed the sea adventures? Then jump on board, 12 towns and tons of fun and fighting await you! Investigations, trade relations, town sieges and a secret Viking’s weapon!

Follow any of the three branches of development – trade masters Europeans, the tenacious Chinese or the strong Vikings. Improve your ships and use cunning abilities to become a winner even from a losing situation.




1bb4SkuMScGoKXcFxPxM_Screen_3 (1)

Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 17, 2014 08:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows — Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Death needs your help, and when the lord of the grave comes knocking you should probably listen. People are managing to cheat their own demise, and before any new souls can be born, you have to track down the ones who fled and figure out how they managed it in this gorgeous hidden-object adventure. Tagged as: adventure, affiliate, casual, demo, download, elephantgames, game, hiddenobject, horror, mac, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-o, windows


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 17, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: iOS — Helix Need a challenging but clever arcade game? Fire up Michael Brough's iOS gem, where you need to move fast to encircle enemies to destroy them on a playing field that's full of constantly evolving foes. Getting a high score here is a definite accomplishment in a world of one-hit KOs. Tagged as: action, arcade, game, highdifficulty, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mbrough, mobile

Find the Escape-Men Part 121: Appetite for Fall Food

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 17, 2014 12:10 PM

Platform: Flash — Find the Escape-Men Part 121: Appetite for Fall Food You and your friend were enjoying a day at the fall festival when they vanished, and after finding them you discover they've gotten themselves trapped in the bathroom, thus providing you ample teasing opportunity for years to come. Hunt around for items and solve puzzles, and of course find the ten little green men to escape! Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, linux, mac, no1game, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows

October 16, 2014

Faraway Kingdom - Dragon Raiders

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 16, 2014 08:00 PM

Platform: iPad — Faraway Kingdom - Dragon Raiders When your kingdom is destroyed by a dragon, it's up to you to rebuild it and train an army in this gorgeous free-to-play iOS fantasy RPG/simulation that calls Tiny Tower to mind. With a light, unobtrusive in-app purchase system and a generous amount of in-game rewards, it keeps players coming back for its simple, fun gameplay without ever putting the squeeze on their wallet. Tagged as: free, game, ios, ipad, ipodtouch, microtransactions, mobile, rating-g, rpg, simulation, smilegate


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 16, 2014 01:30 PM

Platform: Flash — Assembots You've been put in charge of a factory that makes little robots, and it's your job to program each one to help the rest get to the exit safely in this charming logic puzzle game! Tagged as: abrown, action, browser, flash, free, game, linux, logic, mac, programming, puzzle, rating-g, windows

October 15, 2014

Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath

From Jay is Games

by Tricky on October 15, 2014 08:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath Two of Hyptosis' most popular point-and-click adventure series finally crossover in Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath, featuring characters from The Hood. Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath succeeds in expanding the Lorestrome world, while focusing its ongoing plot. backed by the gorgeous art and clever writing Hyptosis is known for. Tagged as: adventure, browser, fantasy, flash, free, game, hoodseries, hyptosis, linux, mac, pointandclick, rating-o, windows

The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 15, 2014 03:30 PM

Platform: Javascript — The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo You're spending the night at your best friend's house, and someone special is coming by at midnight. Michael Lutz, author of My Father's Long, Long Legs delivers an unsettling twist on familiar territory in this Choose Your Own Adventure Style interactive horror fiction. Tagged as: browser, experimental, free, game, horror, ifiction, interactiveart, javascript, linux, mac, mlutz, rating-y, twine, windows

FGL Community Spotlight – Tamalaki’s $10k+ month!

From FlashGameLicense Blog

by Brian on October 15, 2014 12:37 PM


Mobile games publisher ‘Tamalaki‘ has been one of the most successful participants in FGL’s mobile platform and recently hit a big milestone.  We caught up with Martine Spaans to chat about tech, monetization and what’s hot on mobile right now.


FGL_Brian: Before we get started, I wanted to congratulate you! You’ve hit several big milestones recently as a mobile publisher, including $10,000+ monthly mobile earnings last month.  Is that $10,000 the total of what all your developers made last month?

Tamalaki: Thanks! That’s Tamalaki’s share only. Typically we take 10-20% depending on how many games a developer publishes with us.  That means the developers we work with made nearly $50,000 last month.

FGL: That’s huge.  You’ve also had two different games (Rory’s Restaurant and Blackstone) make it into the Google Play top 10.  Do you attribute those successes to anything new that you’ve been trying recently?

Tamalaki: We’re always trying out new marketing partners and advertising partners in search for the best results. In order to succeed in this market you constantly need to reinvent your business since the ecosystem of the app stores changes so quickly. Thanks to the strong cross-promotion of all games that use the FGL Mobile Services we were able to build up a big following of Hidden Object fans over the last few months. We learned how to effectively release our marketing actions at the right moment to hit that sweet spot up in the top lists.

FGL helps us out with pretty much everything in that regard.  Ad mediation layer, discovery and retention tools, QA, a complete and easy to use tracking dashboard, tech support, SDK support, distribution.   All these services really free us to focus on the game and strategy of the monetization vs. all the technical requirements.   On top of that, user acquisition is the HARDEST thing to achieve on mobile and FGL has lots of solutions in place to solve that.  I know that if we can get the metrics right in a game then FGL can bring 100,000s of players to it.


FGL: Hidden Object games must have been hot for you last month.  What kinds of games are you looking for these days?

Tamalaki: Since I started publishing in 2013 I specialized in Hidden Object games. I did try out some other kinds of games, but only the types of games that really resonate with my audience make sense for me to publish. So next to Hidden Object games I also put out Match-3 games, Point&Click Adventures, Puzzle games, Time Management, etc.

FGL: You’ve had a lot of experience with the ‘free-to-play’ game model.  Any tips or advice you can pass along to the FGL developer community?

Tamalaki: Focus on your core game loop. Most F2P games are eventually about letting the player “grind” (play the same content over and over again) for more coins/points. If that becomes a boring repetition, you will lose your players.

Also, your meta-gameplay should be interesting enough, because that is where people will eventually spend some money.

FGL: Do you feel like your hits monetized appropriately in this manner?

Tamalaki: Blackstone Mysteries is a great example.  The Hidden Object levels are fun to play, since they offer many different gameplay modes, level mastery challenges, a highscore list, etc. And every time it’s a surprise what reward you will get for completing a level.

Next to that the quests you get in the game are not the only meta-game system. There is also a Collections-system where you can earn Awards for completing item-collections. Check it out HERE and see what I mean Smile

FGL: Did you have to make any drastic changes to your monetization strategy once you realized the game was getting popular?

Tamalaki: Well, before we tried F2P we were mainly publishing Free games with Advertising revenue, and an ad-free premium version for 0.99USD.  That worked well, but those games mainly had a beginning and an end. Once the user reaches that end, they will no longer see ads, so they will no longer monetize. This will limit the lifetime value of a player. The maximum lifetime value was 99 cents when they would buy that upgrade.

By making a game endless, you will have endless opportunities to show a player ads. That’s something we mainly discovered through the release of Home Makeover 1 & 2. Our first Hidden Object game without an ending. At some point people started emailing me “I’m at level 275. When will this game end?” At that moment we realized that people love to play on and on as long as the game allows it. And that opens up a whole new range of advertising opportunities, like showing people a video ad in exchange for some coins or extra energy.

FGL: You ended up experimenting with a Reward Video in Rory’s Restaurant, correct?

Tamalaki: Like I said in the beginning, we’re always looking for additional marketing and advertising partners to increase the benefits for the developers we work with. When we started working with an ad provider that specialized in Rewarded Videos we were happily surprised with the great results. Our players love to watch a 20-second video or to answer a few questions in order to get more playtime or some extra coins in the game. We first tried this out with Rory’s Restaurant and it really boosted the game revenue significantly. We even got complaints from players who upgraded to the premium version of the game that they were missing out on these ads now, so we actually had to update the premium version too to show these rewarded videos (which will only open when the player agrees.)

FGL:  That sounds like a lot of work.  How do you know which company to use?  Do the videos have a consistent fill rate?

Tamalaki: Again, that is the great part about working with FGL.  They handle all the technical needs, sourcing many different providers, monitoring the inventory, etc. This lets me focus on the developer and on the strategy of the monetization. Of course we’re closely in contact with FGL about all the new things and partners we can try out together.

FGL: Thanks for taking the time to share this with the community today, Martine. Is there a good way for developers to get in touch with you?

Tamalaki: Sure! They can always PM me through FGL, or they can email me at martinespaans@gmail.com.


I’d like to thank Martine and the Tamalaki crew for answering our questions and sharing these stories with us. If you have any questions for Tamalaki, post them in the comments below!  Know someone who would be a good candidate for the Community Spotlight? Leave a comment below, send a PM to FGL_Brian or send us an email at info@fgl.com.

Weekday Escape N°45

From Jay is Games

by elle on October 15, 2014 04:00 AM

Weekday Escape N°45 Games featured this week: Fruit Kitchens No.12: Cacao Brown; Marshmallow's New Home 3; Find the Escape-Men 120: Scorching Heat 2014 — There are a lot of things happening in October, but some of us care about only one thing: is it yummy? Is it sweet? Well, this time it is. Our Wednesday selection of three escapes from FunkyLand, Maroya and No1Game manage to be the perfect ingredients for some Weekday Escape s'mores. Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, free, funkyland, game, maroya, no1game, pointandclick, puzzle, weekday-escape

October 14, 2014

Following Me

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 14, 2014 03:00 PM

Platform: Javascript — Following Me Sisters Kat and Aria are lost alone in the woods at night when they accidentally cross paths with two men who don't have the friendliest intentions. How far will they go to save themselves in this Choose Your Own Adventure style text-based tale? Tagged as: adventure, browser, free, game, horror, ifiction, javascript, linux, mac, narrative, playthis, rating-r, text, torisney, windows

Alone on Raven Road

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 14, 2014 11:10 AM

Platform: Flash — Alone on Raven Road You, a broken down car, a lonely road, and miles of wilderness in either direction. What's the worst that can happen? A short, speedy, and spooky-lite point-and-click adventure from Self-Defiant! Tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, horror, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, selfdefiant, windows

October 13, 2014


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 13, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: Unity — Proxy Getting stuck in an elevator is bad enough, but getting stuck with eight strangers, one of whom is a killer, is even worse. People are picked off one by one as the lights go out in this short interactive movie, and you'll have to figure out which one of them is the killer to get the best ending. Tagged as: browser, free, game, interactiveart, mac, mystery, narrative, playthis, puzzle, rating-o, sonoshee, unity, windows

October 12, 2014

Alien: Isolation

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 12, 2014 08:00 PM

Platform: Retail — Alien: Isolation Amanda Ripley has always wanted to find out what happened to her mother Ellen fifteen years ago. Now she's going to confront it head on in this harrowing survival horror adventure where stealth and resourcefulness are your best (and really only) weapons against a seemingly unstoppable and unpredictable enemy that will hunt you every step of the way in your quest to escape the dead station of Sevastopol. Tagged as: action, adventure, commercial, console, crafting, creativeassembly, download, game, horror, ps3, ps4, puzzle, rating-r, scifi, sega, steam, survival, xbox

Button Escape 25

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 12, 2014 06:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Button Escape 25 All you have to do to escape is find and click on the eleven hidden buttons. Should be easy, right? But with sneaky codes and some definite weirdness, this short game might not be so simple after all. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, tototoroom, windows

Rampage Rex

From Jay is Games

by Tricky on October 12, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Rampage Rex In Rampage Rex, a puzzle platformer by Eric Bernier and Izzy Aminov you'll be guiding a very hungry dino as he spends an afternoon taking in a little culture, literally! Despite somewhat incompatible visuals and sounds, Rampage Rex offers breezily fun stealth gameplay for players both young and fossilized. Tagged as: browser, ebernier, flash, free, game, iaminov, linux, mac, platform, puzzle, rating-g, stealth, windows


From Jay is Games

by Lori.h on October 12, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — UndeadRun Everyone knows the most important things you need for a zombie apocalypse is a zombie crushing tank, unlimited ammo, and a sweet, stylish hoody. Thankfully in this zombie shooter you have all three. Steer your little cube man around to kill the zombies, grab the coins, and get out of that city. Tagged as: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, gamaga, game, linux, mac, rating-y, shooter, sidescrolling, upgrades, windows, zombies

October 11, 2014

King's Rush

From Jay is Games

by Johnny123 on October 11, 2014 08:30 PM

Platform: Flash — King's Rush Use dynamite to launch your tiny cartoon king down the hillside, blasting and ramming enemies and obstacles out of the way as you go. The coins you collect can be used to upgrade armor and reload speed, and buy magic gems and gadgets that aid you on your path to glory. Tagged as: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, game, launch, linux, mac, rating-g, reflex, smokoko, upgrades, windows

Spoopy Saturday

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 11, 2014 01:00 PM

Spoopy Saturday Games featured this week: Rust and Blood; Promise; Moonlight Ghost — Welcome to Spoopy Saturdays, where we'll be posting some fine, freaky, and free indie horror games leading up to Halloween! This week, a survival sim in a hostile word, a past best left forgotten, and a game where the scares are provided by you! Tagged as: blog, download, free, game, horror, indie, khalil, snowowl, spoopysaturday, tachi, vgperson

October 10, 2014

League of Light: Wicked Harvest

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 10, 2014 10:00 PM

Platform: Mac, Windows — League of Light: Wicked Harvest Children have been going missing, and you've been called in to find them in this gorgeous hidden-object adventure that has you joining forces with the world's most adorable sidekick as you uncover the mystery and solve clever puzzles. Tagged as: adventure, affiliate, bigfishgames, casual, demo, download, game, hiddenobject, mac, mariaglorum, rating-y, windows

Styx: Master of Shadows

From Jay is Games

by Lori.h on October 10, 2014 08:00 PM

Platform: Windows — Styx: Master of Shadows Cling to the shadows and assassinate those in your way as you attempt to steal the heart of the World-Tree, the giver of all magic. But your journey will not be easy as you travel through the tower, designed by a crazed architect and filled to the brim with guards, trolls, and other nasties. Tagged as: action, adventure, cyanidestudio, download, game, highdifficulty, indie, rating-r, rpg, stealth, steam, strategy, windows

Fungi Escape

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 10, 2014 03:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Fungi Escape Yonashi's latest plunks you in front of a cute cottage deep in the woods surrounded by a whoooooole lot of fungi in this escape game that's just the right amount of weird and cute. Clues and hints are hidden everywhere, and figuring out how to interpret them might be trickier than you think. Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, linux, mac, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows, yonashi


From Jay is Games

by freezairmsilvereye on October 10, 2014 01:15 PM

Platform: Flash — Minerics Getting your hands dirty is always more fun when you've got a friend along! This brightly-colored band of miners needs your help to collect the jewels that match their colors and explore the depths of their mines. Play this puzzle-platformer solo as an exercise in coordination, or bring along a friend to help you for co-op puzzle-solving fun! Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, multiplayer, platform, puzzle, rating-g, teamwork, windows

Featured Tank #72

From Hero Interactive

by Eric on October 10, 2014 03:26 AM

Just a quick heads up, it was requested that we allow Hero Account users the ability to add their own custom avatar icons, so that is now possible via your Account Edit page. Hopefully I can get something a bit more substantial pushed out for you guys super soon ;)

Thanks for being awesome!

Today’s Featured Tank is the Diker by Sonicfan00!!!

Name:  Diker
By:  Soccerfan00
Tank ID:  E10097743

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


Recent Portal Additions:

October 09, 2014

Rainbow Lines for iPhone and iPad

From Inside Pozirk Games

by pozirk on October 09, 2014 11:23 PM

Released for iOS, two versions, regular for iPhone, HD for iPad! ;)

Rainbow Lines logo Rainbow Lines is now available for iPhone on the AppStore!
Rainbow Lines for iPhone

Get Rainbow Lines for iPhone »

Rainbow Lines logo Rainbow Lines HD is now available for iPad on the AppStore!
Rainbow Lines HD for iPad

Get Rainbow Lines HD for iPad »

FGL has helped game developers earn over $20,000,000

From FlashGameLicense Blog

by Chris on October 09, 2014 08:33 PM


If you’ve visited the FGL frontpage recently (fgl.com/frontpage) you probably noticed that we surpassed a significant milestone.  FGL has now helped game developers earn over $20,000,000!


Everyone involved deserves a huge CONGRATULATIONS!  The FGL team, the indie game developer community, and all of the publishers who have contributed to this number have all been integral parts of a market that allows fun, innovative games to be created and shared with gamers around the world.


Being one of those gamers myself, I am extremely proud to have been a small part of this achievement.  There are games that would never have been made without this ecosystem.  Games that I spent hours playing.  Games that broke the mold of what was traditionally popular and lucrative.  To me, $20,000,000 is definitely impressive, but what brings me the most joy is knowing where that money went.  It’s in the games that would have otherwise never seen the light of day without it.


And, what’s more exciting is that the growth rate of that number is increasing.  Very soon we will be releasing FGL’s 3rd Quarter Developer Earnings stats.  These stats will show the rapid uptick in earnings developers are making through FGL. Mobile has had the biggest revenue growth, by far, for developers working with us this year, but we also have seen success with developers working on games for the mobile-web, web, and other markets.  These are truly exciting times for the indie game community.


And speaking of community,  a big part of hitting this milestone is due to the fact that the developer community on FGL is flourishing. FGL now has more than 33,000 registered developers, with hundreds more signing up every month.  Our newsletter is one of the most-read game developer newsletters in the world, our blog gets nearly 60,000 views a month on average, our forums and chat room are a great place to communicate with fellow developers, and we now have monthly game jams and weekly “game nights” that we stream through twitch.  If we didn’t have such a dedicated group of developers, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have. It isn’t a stretch to say that this community is the lifeblood of FGL.


If you’ve ever benefited from FGL,  I want to point out that every person on this page: https://www.fgl.com/meet_the_team.php has had a huge part in making all of this happen. FGL is extremely lucky to have such a great group of people working for it.  Not only are these men and women some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with, but they are also some of the most fun people I’ve ever been around (as anyone who’s been around us at GDC can attest to).


Also, if you’ve ever benefited from FGL, we’d like to thank YOU.  As I mentioned, the community is our lifeblood. FGL in essence is a facilitator, a supporter, an advocate, a marketplace.  We are everything to help monetize and distribute a game. But that is nothing without the actual game.  To be honest, back in 2007, when FGL started, we would have failed if there hadn’t already been a budding market in place.  There were developers making great games, and publishers trying to bring those games to their audiences.  It was a flawed system that we (in my biased opinion) revolutionized.  But it was an existing market.  And there’s no way we could have gone from nothing to $20,000,000 without the fact that developers continued to make awesome games, and publishers kept investing in them to entertain and grow their audiences.   So, again, thank you to all of the developers and publishers who allowed these amazing games to be created and shared with the masses.


When FGL started, we focused exclusively on Flash games on the web.  Now, we’ve helped developers and publishers make millions of dollars with games built in a multitude of technologies on both web and mobile. We have seen a lot of traction with HTML5 games for the mobile-web,  partnering with companies such as Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.  We’ve also helped a number of native Android games gain hundreds of thousands of installs, and reach various “Top 10 ” charts on Google Play, Nook, and the Amazon App Store.  And, we helped get games onto the Fire TV at it’s launch. On top of this, we’ve developed an ad system: ADsorb, which is available on both web and mobile and has increased the revenue of apps and web sites by several multiples in many cases. All of this, within the last year. With so many new areas and ways to distribute games and make money, and the ceiling of the market being so high, we’re extremely excited to continue to work with developers and publishers as we surge past the $20,000,000 milestone.


Chris Hughes
Co-Founder, President

Why Am I Dead?: Rebirth

From Jay is Games

by Tricky on October 09, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Why Am I Dead?: Rebirth A remake of the original Why Am I Dead?, Why Am I Dead: Rebirth by Peltast Games keeps the atmosphere and memorable characters while adding lots of new content. Possessing people and finding your murderer has never been easier, though, of course, those who don't already know whodunnit will probably enjoy it a lot more. Tagged as: adventure, browser, flash, free, game, horror, linux, mac, mystery, peltastgames, pixelart, rating-o, remake, windows

October 08, 2014

Black Bit Ninja 2

From Jay is Games

by Johnny123 on October 08, 2014 08:30 PM

Platform: Flash — Black Bit Ninja 2 This physics puzzle game has you launching your legless, square, pixelated ninja man through the air with the mouse, having him slice and dice red enemy ninjas along the way. Take careful aim to avoid pitfalls and traps. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, heropunch, linux, mac, physics, puzzle, rating-y, retro, windows

Tech Orb

From Jay is Games

by Satori on October 08, 2014 06:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Tech Orb Use physics, an elaborate supply of unique pieces, and your own ingenuity to guide the orb to the exit. It's like golf, if only golf involved high-intensity lasers and gravity orbs. Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, physics, platform, puzzle, rating-g, sharkstudio, windows

Integrating Adsense for games into your OpenFL game

From Inside Pozirk Games

by pozirk on October 08, 2014 04:04 PM

I have moved from CPMStar to Adsense for games a month ago and started to earn around 3-5 times more from the same number of clicks/impressions.
Although, ti always depends on who plays your games, I suggest to try AFG, if you have such opportunity.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use AFG with Haxe/OpenFL.

0. “AdSense for games allows you to earn money from your web-based games. AdSense for games uses Google’s Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK, the technology used to request ads from within your Flash-based game launcher.”
I have only tried AFG on Flash platform, but IMA SDK also available for iOS, Android and HTML5.

1. Download ima_lib_as3.swc file here: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/downloads

2. Place ima_lib_as3.swc file in assets folder and add the following line to your application.xml file:

<haxeflag name="-swf-lib assets/ima_lib_as3.swc" if="flash" />

3. Create your Ad Tag at Adsense Dashboard, you can test it here: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/vastinspector_dual

4. Integrate AFG using this Quick Start Guide: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/sdks/flash/v3/quickstart
Don’t forget to convert AS3 code to Haxe. :)

5. Most likely you won’t see any ads, when you test your game in standalone Flash player.
You have to integrate the game into the web page (and upload it to your website) and set the following flag:


6. If everything’s made correctly you will see ads like in my Rainbow Lines game.

P.S.: One of the requirements for using AFG is to “Have a high volume of games content, i.e., greater than 70% games content with over 2 million games impressions monthly.”
As Google has recently combined Adsense with Admob, your Admob impressions also count. (I suppose :) )

FGL Community Spotlight – A chat with Keybol

From FlashGameLicense Blog

by Brian on October 08, 2014 05:43 AM

FGL Community Spotlight – Episode Seven

If you’re interested in joining us for some of FGL’s Community Events, be sure to check out our forums for updates on Game Jams and Contests!  This week, we’ll be streaming LIVE on Twitch at twitch.tv/FGLGameNight.  Drop us a follow to be notified when we go live!  FGL continues the Community Spotlight series this week as we sit down with developer Keybol, creator of the highly successful ‘Belial‘ gaming franchise.


FGL_Brian:  Hello, Keybol! Why don’t we start by having you introduce yourself and your studio?

Keybol: I am Bari Silvestre and I have made flash games and mobile games for over 4 years now under the developer name, Keybol.  I work as a solo game developer here at my home in Pampanga, Philippines.  I have collaborated with other artists to work on bigger games and use our names both in the credits. I have not really settled on a studio name, until now.

FGL: Oh, do you have a new studio name you’re ready to announce?


FGL: Nice! Any story behind how you chose that name?

Keybol: It was suggested by my high school friend who is also part of this team. We are making a fantasy game inspired by Castlevania Symphony of the Night.  The game was conceptualized first, and so I told my team that we need a collective name to call ourselves and for possible future projects. A few ideas were thrown in.  Eventually, I really liked Ferryman as it is a familiar term but not used so often. (Also Castlevania, one of my favorite games, has a Ferryman character.)

Basically, we will bring our players to new worlds with interesting stories and characters.

FGL:  I’d like to highlight your Belial franchise for a bit.  When you were coming up with the idea for those games, were you ever worried that the game’s dark sense of humor might not resonate as well as it did with the players?

Keybol: The very first Belial point and click adventure game was really made to have no restrictions. Brutal scenes and dark humor, but it actually got toned down from suggestions on FGL by reviewers and sponsors.  I think it’s because I made it in 2010 where anything goes in flash games, and such games were popular back then.

I wanted it to be a platformer game back then, a mini Metroidvania, but my programming experience wasn’t as good back then

FGL: You may have wanted to make a different style of game, but the puzzle / point-and-click genre decision turned out to be very successful.  In your subsequent games, even the action-heavy ones like Splitman, Primary Max, and Remove the Dinosaurs, you kept an element of puzzle / problem-solving.  Were you a big fan of puzzle / thinking games when you were younger?

Keybol: Yes I am, not only in video games but also in books and magazines. I find it clever to solve them and even more to make them.

FGL:  Looking at your whole library, you have a remarkable range of visual styles in your games.  You have dark (like Belial), silly (Ninja Cradle), cute (Go Under) and minimalist (Pretentious Game / How To Make A Sequel).

Keybol: Some were incredibly polished and have tons of features while some were made in a day. The popularity of those games also varied. For example, Pretentious Game was made in a day but it’s by far the most popular game I have made.

FGL: Do you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to do with the visuals when you’re coming up with game concepts and ideas?  Do you feel like certain game genres lend themselves to certain visual styles?

Keybol: Ah yes, when I envision games, I have a good idea regarding how they should look. So it’s easy to tell the artists to go with this reference I show them.  Then the artists will put their own touch in them and the game will just move on from there.

FGL:  So, any new projects coming up you can share with us?  What’s next for Keybol and Ferryman?

Keybol: I am doing a one button reaction game with Tower Defense aesthetic, so you control the attacking minions and try not to let them hit the game’s defense. Also Belial Ars Arcana is the flash game spinoff of the bigger game and is actually Chapter 3 of the point and click adventure game of the same name.

Belial Art of the Devil is in production (Sneak Peak here: https://www.facebook.com/belialgame).  It’s already been previewed on TouchArcade and GamesInAsia and one Brazilian site. I have also showcased it here in a local Mozilla event and soon in GDC China.  I’ll be in GDC China as Pretentious Game is one of the honorable mentions in the IGF Main Competition.

FGL: Congratulations! And thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us today.  Any ‘thank you’s or shout outs you’d like to give anyone before we wrap things up?

Keybol: Thank you to FGL and to my team in Ferryman!


I’d like to thank Keybol for answering our questions and sharing these stories with us. If you have any other questions for Keybol, you can follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/keybol or post in the comments below! If you know someone who would be a good candidate for the Community Spotlight, comment below, send a PM to FGL_Brian or send us an email at brian@fgl.com.

Weekday Escape N°44

From Jay is Games

by elle on October 08, 2014 04:00 AM

Weekday Escape N°44 Games featured this week: Break Free the Temple; Button Escape 14; Ancient Forest Escape — Put on your adventurer's leather fedora and play Selfdefiant's latest Break Free escapade. Then, flashback to another Tototo Room for eleven more buttons to find. Lastly, explore Esklavos' beautiful fantasy atmosphere for the keys to unlock a magic portal. Tagged as: blog, browser, escape, esklavos, free, game, pointandclick, puzzle, selfdefiant, tototoroom, weekday-escape

Neverending Nightmares

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 08, 2014 12:00 AM

Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux — Neverending Nightmares Thomas has a, uh, complicated relationship with his sister in this atmospheric indie horror game based on real-life struggles with OCD and depression. Though many will find the gameplay simple and repetitive, a striking visual style and masterful use of imagery and atmosphere makes it worth checking out. Tagged as: action, adventure, download, game, gog, horror, indie, infinitapgames, interactiveart, linux, mac, rating-r, steam, surreal, windows

October 07, 2014

Card Dungeon

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 07, 2014 10:30 PM

Platform: iOS — Card Dungeon Available for iOS, descend into dungeons, turn-based style, and battle a host of baddies and bosses using cards that decay with use, and even find powerful equipment. With no ads or in-app purchases to speak of, Card Dungeon's blend of casual strategy and light humour makes it well worth checking out. Tagged as: board, card, fantasy, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, mobile, playtap, rating-o, roguelike, rpg, strategy, turnbased


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 07, 2014 07:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Turn-Undead Nitrome takes your classic undead platforming shooter and makes it turn-based in a tricky, clever game that sees you staking your way through legions of monsters on your way to take down Dracula. Tagged as: action, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, nitrome, platform, puzzle, rating-y, turnbased, windows, zombies


From Jay is Games

by freezairmsilvereye on October 07, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Babylon Build a tower of bricks to the sky! ...Or at least to the green-and-white goal line. You've got to stack up blocks to reach the target height in this physics puzzler, but it's not as easy as it looks... You've got a dozen-odd different block types to work with, and not all of them play nicely one another! Keep dangerous blocks from reacting and use friendly blocks to your advantage to build the tallest tower you can! Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, nekval, physics, puzzle, rating-g, stacking, windows

October 06, 2014

Clicker Heroes 3 Million Plays

From Armor Games Blog

by Ferret on October 06, 2014 09:04 PM

As Clicker Heroes nears 3 million plays on Armor Games, we wanted to take a break from clicking on monsters to invite you to slay them with us. Kill monsters, collect gold, upgrade heroes, use skills, find treasure, kill bosses, and explore new worlds in this epic click-tastic adventure!

Already playing? Let us know how far you’ve gotten below in the comments…



H1KYN8q3Rbm6jSHC3txp_screenshot2_800 (1)


Сколько стоит попасть в топ Google Play

From Inside Pozirk Games

by pozirk on October 06, 2014 07:17 PM

Получил тут письмо от китайцев с интересным предложеним, а именно, предлагают вытащить мою любую бесплатную игру в топ 10 Google Play и продержать её там 5 дней.

Top overall 10 in Canada: USD 20K
Top overall 10 in Germany: USD 30K
Top overall 10 in UK: USD 17K
Top overall 10 in US: USD 75K

Game top 10 in Canada: USD 12.5K
Game top 10 in Germany: USD 20K
Game top 10 in UK: USD 12K
Game top10 in US: USD 47K

Что интересно оплата только после того, как они выведут игру в топ, т.е. это вполне реальные цены, без обмана.
Интересно, 75к окупятся, если в US топ 10 попасть? :)

Back to Zombieland

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 06, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Back to Zombieland You'll be rooting for the undead in this silly spin on a launch game, as you help a zombie who just wants to stop and smell the flowers run from angry villagers, nabbing coins, power-ups, and buying upgrades along the way. Tagged as: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, game, hiddenlayergames, linux, mac, playthis, rating-o, upgrades, windows, zombies

7 Days Without Rain

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 06, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — 7 Days Without Rain Can you change the world, one act of benevolent thievery at a time? Find out in this short point-and-click puzzle game from ReFall, as you play a thief who uses their talents to help other people. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, refall, windows

October 05, 2014

Barons Gate 2

From Jay is Games

by starchild on October 05, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Barons Gate 2 Clobbering enemies in hand-to-hand combat is so prehistoric. It's time to get medieval with your deadly bow and arrow! The demon barons have yet again risen to... kidnap the queen, apparently, so it's up to you to roam from dungeon to dungeon and slay all manner of hellish critters. Not to mention upgrading your battle gear because, let's face it, that's the best part of any epic adventure. Tagged as: action, browser, dragoshagames, flash, free, game, linux, mac, rating-y, windows

Stick Squad

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 05, 2014 12:30 PM

Platform: Android, Flash — Stick Squad When you're dealing with some serious villainy, you need someone strong, smart, brave, and clever... too bad all we have are these two weirdoes. Snipe and upgrade your way through over sixty missions in this polished puzzle-like physics sniping shooter! Tagged as: android, browser, brutalstudio, flash, free, game, linux, mac, mobile, physics, playthis, puzzle, rating-r, shooter, sniping, windows

October 04, 2014

Adventure Xpress

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 04, 2014 04:00 PM

Platform: iOS — Adventure Xpress The mail must go through, and you're the one to deliver it in this gorgeous and quirky match-3 puzzle RPG from Adult Swim and PikPok. Upgrade your equipment and learn spells as you work your way across the map with simple controls that make it a breeze for anyone to pick up. Tagged as: adultswim, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, match-3, microtransactions, mobile, pikpok, puzzle, rpg, strategy, turnbased, upgrades

Sky Quest

From Jay is Games

by Tricky on October 04, 2014 01:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Sky Quest Fly through the air blasting critters and defeating evil overlords in Sky Quest, a sidescrolling shooter from Berzerk Studio. Gorgeously designed enemies, intriguing gameplay that manages to stay just one step of addiction ahead of feeling repetitive, a somewhat overwhelming array of gameplay options, an epic score, and a gratuitous amount of testosterone, makes up for a front-loaded learning curve and a plot that feels like an indecisive parody. Tagged as: action, berzerkstudio, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, rating-o, shooter, sidescrolling, upgrades, windows

October 03, 2014

Dark Realm: Queen of Flames

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 03, 2014 10:00 PM

Dark Realm: Queen of Flames In this stunning new hidden-object adventure, a young girl is forced from her home when creatures ransack the city in the dead of night. What are the odds she has a world-changing destiny, d'you suppose? Tagged as: adventure, affiliate, bigfishgames, casual, demo, download, fantasy, game, hiddenobject, madheadgames, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y

Featured Tank #71

From Hero Interactive

by Eric on October 03, 2014 06:33 PM

Today’s Featured Tank is the Gargle-Blaster by Gamer32x!!!

Name:  Gargle-Blaster
By:  Gamer32x
Tank ID:  E10102496

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


Recent Portal Additions:

Alice House: No 5. House of the Duchess

From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 03, 2014 05:00 PM

Platform: Flash — Alice House: No 5. House of the Duchess Blink and you'll miss it, but Funkyland's latest in their popular escape series has you searching the duchess' curiously humble kitchen for six cat-themed items in order to find your way out! Tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, funkyland, game, linux, mac, playthis, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-g, windows


From Jay is Games

by LDora on October 03, 2014 01:35 PM

Platform: Javascript — It You've been kidnapped and taken to a facility to test the killing capabilities of a hostile creature in this blend of survival horror and escape! Hunt for items and food and avoid the monster prowling after you in this text-only adventure game. Tagged as: adventure, browser, escape, free, game, horror, ifiction, jaktube, javascript, linux, mac, rating-o, text, windows